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Monday June 14th 2004

The idea behind this blog is for the investigators who work at A.S.G. Investigations on infidelity and domestic cases to present some issues (good and bad) that we encounter which everyone can learn from. We may also discuss some things that we think prosective clients and other private investigators may find of value.

Thanks to a friend

Monday June 14th 2004

I wanted to take a minute to thank Kevin Ripa with Computer Evicence Recovery for doing an outstanding job assiting a client with getting information off of a hard drive that no one else could. We HIGHLY recommend that anyone who needs help in this area visit Kevins web site to learn about what he can do.

Clients who talk about hiring a PI causes problems...again

Monday June 14th 2004

Every year, including once this past week with a woman in Burbank, California, we have several clients who, with good intensions, hire us to catch a cheating spouse or partner but they feel compelled to tell everyong they know about what they want to do. As with all interesting stories, word gets back to the spouse and the case is blow before it started. We go out and find that the spouse is all heated up and looking for a tail. The moral of this frustratiing story is simply this: Don't hire a private investigator to do a discreet surveillance if you intend on telling eveyone about it. This type of story is interesting to others. It's high drama, and people like to talk about interesting, unusual things, like someone they know hiring a private investigator. So desipte the promise to keep it a secret, they talk and word travels fast.

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